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What happens when 3 Realtors work together, then become friends, then realize that they want to recharge their community? The Nest Coworking is what happens! The Nest Coworking is the 1st shared workspace in Orange Park, FL. It's a beautifully designed 2,000 square foot home conveniently located in the center of the city. The Nest Coworking is the answer to the solitude that comes from working alone from a home office or from the lack of inspiration or motivation from coffee shop meet ups. And you can't beat our coffee - it's amazing and it's free.


Dulce Lake
Chief Executive Avian & Co-Owner

Dulce Lake is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Avian of The Nest Coworking. As a REALTOR with over 20 years of experience, Dulce Lake has spent her 30 years of residency learning about Jacksonville and its surrounding cities. She is a hyper local area expert with in-depth knowledge of countless Jacksonville neighborhoods, including: Orange Park, Riverside, Avondale, San Marco, Springfield, Fleming Island & St. Johns County.

Dulce is dedicated to education. She has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Business Administration and Finance. She’s also a Certified Home Stager, studied the Principles of Real Estate Engineering, Land Titles and obtained the Standard of Practice for the Right of Way Professional Certification.

Dulce believes that by loving what you do, you can combine optimism, commitment and compassion that’s uniquely tailored to help each client reach their ideal real estate goals. It was this passion and dedication to community that sparked her partnership with Patricia and Christie to form The Nest Coworking.

Dulce is also passionate about philanthropy. She happily serves her community and volunteers free time to charities like the United Way and the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. When she finds time for her hobbies, she puts her creative flair to great use by dabbling in gourmet cooking, crafting, DIYs and sailing.



Patricia Orange
Chief Financial Avian & Co-Owner

Patricia Orange is Co-Founder and Chief Financial Avian of The Nest Coworking. She considers herself to be a serial entrepreneur and lover of life and has lived in Jacksonville, FL since 2004. Born in Livingston, New Jersey and raised in Palm Bay, FL by Haitian immigrants, she excelled in building her business acumen at a young age.

She graduated from Jacksonville University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Patricia has been an entrepreneur for over 5 years and loves to create new businesses. She has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 4 years and was previously in the Banking Industry for over 10 years. She flipped her first home at the age of 26 and fell in love with all things REAL ESTATE. Her passion for Real Estate married nicely with Dulce and Christie to become business partners and friends.

Patricia lives in the Mandarin area with her husband and when she isn't crunching numbers for The Nest Coworking, she enjoys taking annual road trips with her husband. Her longest trip was from Jacksonville to Montreal, Canada. Her next goal is a West Coast drive, but she’ll fly back on that one! She also loves traveling internationally and loves Harry Potter and Star Trek.

Patricia also enjoys giving back to the community. She teaches monthly Financial Literacy classes for the United Way's Real$ense curriculum. In 2015, she was awarded into the Coldwell Banker International Diamond Society based on her production and was awarded in 2016 the "Rising Star Award" for Jacksonville, FL.


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Christie Radney
Chief Operating Avian & Co-Owner

Christie Radney is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Avian of The Nest Coworking. As a Jacksonville native and REALTOR, Christie Radney is proud to have lived on the First Coast all of her life.

After 15 years in the medical field, she began her real estate career by investing in and rehabilitating distressed properties, but has since delved into a variety of real estate markets, including luxury, historical and mid-century homes. She has established roots in neighborhoods across Jacksonville, including Orange Park, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Avondale, Riverside, Murray Hill, San Marco and St. John's County.

Christie is best suited with a full plate. While excelling in real estate she also managed to start and run small businesses. Early in her career, she was a partner in a home and garden store business in Riverside as well as having her own specialty painting business.  She continues to use her expertise in these areas, whether consulting with home buyers/sellers, landscaping her mid-century home, or helping young professionals as they maneuver the ins and outs of starting a new career.  

A well-kept secret (until now) is that Christie loves woodworking, building, and re-designing or creating new spaces. When working at The Nest, you may just find yourself inspired to come up with your next best idea while working at one of tables she created, or while relaxing in the lounge where she installed an accent wall of deconstructed pallets.

Christie's experience and love of community and Real Estate made her a natural business partner to Dulce and Patricia. She understands entrepreneurship and being a small business owner. Christie knows she can help The Nest Coworking members reach their full potential.